Case and Ingersoll Garden Tractors

This site honors the hard working and durable CASE and Ingersoll Hydriv garden tractors.

Case Ingersoll Hydriv garden tractorThese tractors sport a hydraulic system, and were mostly hydraulically driven (although some did have hydrostatic drive). What difference does that make you ask? Lots is the answer. With the hydraulic system, a rear PTO valve can be installed which runs a multitude of attachments (factory tiller, wood splitter and wood chipper) along with just about any other hydraulically operated contraption you could dream up.

Looking for a place to discuss your problems or express your satisfaction with your Case or Case/Ingersoll Hydriv tractor visit the Case Garden Tractors discussion forum.

We also have links and information on the older mechanical drive Case tractors.

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If you would like to know if anyone near you owns a Case or Ingersoll tractor, you can check this map (providing they have registered their location). Feel free to post your location too!

The map shows the location of the members of the forum that have identified their location on the map. This group provides a wealth of knowledge and professionalism to help the average owner maintain/repair their tractor.