Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I identify/adjust my EZ-Adjust clutch?

You can find pictures of the clutch assemblies and a PDF file for adjustment in the clutch folder in the Files section.

I have the serial number of my tractor, what is the model year?

What are the advantages of a side driven roto-tiller vs. a center driven roto-tiller?

A side driven roto-tiller could be considered a better tiller because it does not leave an un-tilled section down the middle of the path you just made.

How did this site get started?

There is a Yahoo forum for discussing Case garden tractors.  It is a very good forum, but due to Yahoo's policy on storage, the forum was running out of room to store files and pictures.  Thanks to the hard work of the owner of that forum and the contributions to this site by the members of the forum, we now have an actual website to store photos and files and anything else we were not able to do on the forum.

How far will the single stage snowcaster through snow?

My answer is, it depends.  On my tractor, the faster I go (and/or the deeper the snow) the farther it will throw it (I think the key is keeping the auger full of snow).  If I am only going through an inch or 2 doing clean-up, it will barely make it to the side of the snowcaster.  However, it is VERY powerful as I can EASILY roll back the heavy ridge left by the road snow plows.