Newbie from Indiana

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Newbie from Indiana

Postby machinist » Mon Dec 10, 2012 10:42 am

I bought an old 446 in good working condition a few years ago and I was hooked on these tractors. Since then I bought a 448 with 3pt. in good shape except needing points. Then found a 224 at a giveaway price and salvaged it out for spare parts, mostly the hydraulics. I swapped the tired old 14 HP Kohler to a friend for a spare pair of rear wheels and tractor lug tires. Just last year, I found an old one, probably a 446, at the junkyard that did not run, but would turn over. It is awaiting restoration for now.

Since onan parts looked to be scarce and expensive, I found some old engines to squirrel away in the shed for spare parts. I'm retired and still own the (now inactive) machine shop where I repaired farm equipment for many years. So, I can fix or make pretty much whatever I need, within reason.

So far, I have a couple mower decks that I'm not using, but will one day. I have acquired an 8" plow (sleeve hitch) and a double gang disc, and a one row cultivator, all made by Brinley Hardy. I have an old 2 wheel yard cart that does most of the hauling I need on an acre lot, but I have a 4 wheel farm style wagon under construction, based on the frame and front axle of the 224 I salvaged out. I replaced the tractor's rear axle with wheels and tires to match the front axle, and have treated deck boards to build a wood bed for it, probably about 42" wide X 60" long. Now working on a means to steer the axle with the tongue, and yet allow removing the front axle if necessary. I think I can do that with a bolt-on device under the axle mounting.

I am anxious to read more here about other's projects and solutions to problems.
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Newbie from Indiana



Re: Newbie from Indiana

Postby bhildret » Tue Dec 11, 2012 9:01 pm

Welcome aboard, Machinist. Hope you enjoy the forum ...

Brian Hildreth
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