New Ingersoll 448 owner.

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New Ingersoll 448 owner.

Postby IggieSole » Sat Oct 27, 2012 9:19 pm

Hello to the group. I just recently became the proud owner of an Ingersoll 448 SN 14114641 which according to the great material on this site is a 1988 and the last year they were made. Does anyone know what was the last serial number made for the 448? The file has the beginning number but not the last.

I have owned lawn tractors and garden tractors but never a Case/Ingersoll. This thing is a TANK! This tractor is way too big for my postage stamp size lot here in Detroit but will do fine at my place up Cadillac Michigan. It snows a lot up there and I am going to really use the snow blower. Already have it all set up, battery charging, all the fluids replaced “patiently” waiting for winter.

I got a 48” mower deck, a front plow blade, snow blower and a hydraulic tiller. He even through in a 4X8 tilt trailer. I also got wheel weights, chains, front weights and an after market soft cab. But the best of all is it only has 210 hours on it including 3 hours of me trying all of the attachments and cutting the grass. Heck, I can put 200 hours on my Explorer just driving back and forth to work for a less than a year and this thing is 24 years old. The tractor looks almost new as you can see in the photo. The only rust I can see is on the attachments and I plan on fixing that problem as soon as I can dig up some power red paint.

I am the third owner. The second owner said he got it with all original parts and he didn’t modify anything so I got an unmolested tractor. If I were reconditioning tractors this would be a perfect candidate but all I plan on doing is using it for about 25 years around my property. From my experience, I have learned an easy way you can tell just how much a tractor has been used and abused is the condition of the seat. As you can see from the original almost pristine seat, this tractor has led a charmed life.

I am sure I will be asking questions and I thank you guys in advance for any and all help I get form this group.

My new tractor
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New Ingersoll 448 owner.



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