Hello from Mid Indiana,longtime Case passion

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Hello from Mid Indiana,longtime Case passion

Postby stewie » Fri Aug 24, 2012 10:06 pm

Hello, my name is Tom. I just purchased my second Case. This one is a 224 built in 1978. My first one I bought(with the help of my mom) years ago new to mow lots at a bigger private lake(6 miles around on the asphalt). I was in the 7th grade,got the 1977 summer issue of Popular Mechanics and looked at prices,sizes,travel speed(did I say 6 miles),options,etc. John Deeres and Cub Cadets WAY to high priced,etc. We had a Case Dealer locally,went and bought a 222 without the hyd. drive deck lift,BUT wanted to get a "Sickle Bar Mower",a $585 addition. The sickle bar was "Out of Stock" with no longer in production. DARN!!!! Well, sold it 5 years later to a buddy of my brothers,did I say IT WAS THE BIGGEST MISTAKE I made. I am now 48yrs old, and have been looking for a 224 so I could have a hyd. lift. and be able to add a front blade,etc. I still remember spending alot of time on that 222,never having a breakdown,always making yards look "Perfect" for the weekend for vacatoners,etc. I look back now and think,"Why did I NOT get that sickle bar mower", as I now know they are very rare as a option attachment. My 224 is very well used,and I am going to give it alot of TLC as I have told my wife,"I will NEVER have to buy another Garden Tractor". This tractor still has its original rear tires and one front tire,have had to replace the rear main oil seal,and just loving every minute of working on it.

Well, thats my story,and am sticking to it!!!!!

Love to find this sight...

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Hello from Mid Indiana,longtime Case passion



Re: Hello from Mid Indiana,longtime Case passion

Postby machinist » Mon Dec 10, 2012 10:53 am


Hello from another Hoosier! I just joined and love the chance to discuss these tractors. I also want a sickle mower, and found an old one made for a Simplicity/Allis Chalmers. These mowers seem to be more plentiful than the Case version, but possibly were made by the same company? I don't know. It was designed to be a belly mount, but I have in mind to convert it for 3 pt. mount and drive it from the hydraulic outlets for my rear mount Case tiller. Plan to use the hydraulic motor I salvaged from a 224 rear axle.

The downside of the Simplicity sickle mower is that it uses obsolete (as far as I can tell) 2" wide mower sections and guards. I did find some replacement sections and guards on an old David Bradley sickle mower, so i can proceed with the project. A forum for Simplicity tractors gave some info on converting these mowers to use the larger standard sections and guards, but it requires major modifications to do it. You have to make a new sickle bar, drilled for the wider guards, and increase the sickle stroke.
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