New from Southern Illinois

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New from Southern Illinois

Postby 130CASE » Sat May 26, 2012 4:19 pm

Hey everyone. I just signed up today and look forward to reading and sharing a lot of useful information. I joined because I'm going to be getting a CASE 446 as part of a wedding present from the future Father-in-law. My family (mom's side) were big CASE farmers back in the day and she worked at a CASE dealership when I was younger. My Fiance's family are still devoted CASE farmers with mostly 70 series tractors with a few 30 series mixed in. My uncle is currently building his CASE collection and has 530's-1030's restored along with some wagons and recently bought a CASE combine. My love for J.I. CASE tractors started when I helped my uncle build his first 1030 into a "Illinois Hot Farm Stock Pullers Assn." tractor. I've had a lot of fun and can't wait to begin buying, rebuilding and enjoying my own CASE tractors. Here's a few pics and a video of my uncles 1030 and my future Father-in-laws.


Just to add, I just purchased my first CASE!!!!! A running and driving, complete but needs work and paint 130 CASE!!!!!!
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New from Southern Illinois



Re: New from Southern Illinois

Postby 3427 Ingersoll » Sat Jun 02, 2012 1:24 pm

Welcome aboard. Happy to have you with us and looking forward to seeing pics of your future projects.

Thank you,

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