Long-time Case fan from WA state

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Long-time Case fan from WA state

Postby case680rob » Fri Dec 09, 2011 1:15 am

Hey folks,

I'm new around here, and new to the idea of hydraulic drive tractors. Grew up running lots of Case machines, and others, but never a GT with HY-Drive or anything like it. Don't know much about the capabilities of them with the exception of the 190 I inherited nearly ten years ago now. I can see there are many on here who "invent" their own parts, attachments, and so on, which I can relate to! I do that all the time with pickups, tractors, dirt bikes, you name it... Have welder, just make it work! I respect the purist Case owners, just can't afford that and have to take what I can get to make things work...

Thanks for putting together a place where people like us can swap ideas and experiences:)

Rob Smith

By the way, are there any Case-Ingy shows out West here? I see lots going on in the midwest, but I think I have only seen like three Case GT's here, two in my family and one on CL...
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Long-time Case fan from WA state



Re: Long-time Case fan from WA state

Postby 3427 Ingersoll » Sat Dec 10, 2011 1:48 am

Hi Rob,
Welcome aboard. I don't know of much happening for Case Ingersoll tractor in your neck of the woods. It helps you to advertise saying you have a one of a kind out there. :D Just be careful. You'll have more next to the other one before you know it.

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