Ingersoll 3016 electrical mistake

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Ingersoll 3016 electrical mistake

Postby JCCASE1 » Sun Mar 30, 2014 10:47 am

First off, I am new to this forum, I have a ingersoll model 3016 repowered with a 16 hp vanguard ( Briggs & Stratton) and I made a mistake; there is , in addition to the positive and negative wires, a black wire which grounds with to negative post, this is composed of two wires, one goes to a gang plug terminating in a "caplugs" with ablack cap then from there to other parts of the machine and the other to the ignition switch. I attached this for a second or two before I realized it to the positive post ( the sparks clued me in ) long enough to produce a bit of electrical smoke seemingly emanating from under the air cleaner mount somewhere. The engine turns over fine but does not start. I know this was a stupid mistake and have taken my lashes for it, now; the fuel pump is vac assist so its not that, i am fairly certain the coil is not the problem so I am thinking neutral safety switch?? Back in the day I worked on lawn tractors and small engines and all the time and while i may have some mental digging to do, I do know my way around these machines and this 3016 is by far the best tractor I have ever owned so If someone would be kind enough to point me to a good place to start my repairs....... :)
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Ingersoll 3016 electrical mistake



Re: Ingersoll 3016 electrical mistake

Postby bhildret » Sat Apr 05, 2014 11:15 am

The Vanguard engines use a magneto coil module. As you have now discovered, that is not a 12V battery coil ... all the energy is induced by the flywheel magnets and pick up trigger.

The external wire to this is simply a 'ground to kill' wire, in which the ignition switch position grounds the magneto lead. (I have the correct 'ground to kill' ignition switches in stock ... an easy swap from the prior Onan 12V battery ignition style switch).

I don't how recall the components respond to the 12V ... so I'm guessing and rambling a bit a this point.

I suspect 2 possibilities.

First, there is a diode arrangement in the wiring leads under the engine ducting/tins. That links the magneto packs to the external lug for ground to kill. You may have shorted the diodes, resulting in a no start.

Second, perhaps the 12V on that circuit damaged the magneto packs on the back of the engine ... you let the smoke out!

Both are inexpensive Briggs parts which many Briggs OPE stores would be keeping in stock.

However, getting to them on the tractor can be tricky. I've only done the later model tractors with 21/23HP engines, but I am able to loosen the back ducts sufficiently to swap magneto coil packs. Should be able to do the same on the 16/18 configuration. However, it's not really very hard to just remove the engine from the tractor and get everything replaced with good clearance and access. One tough job while in the tractor is setting the pickup clearance between the flywheel and magneto pack ... way easier with the engine on the bench.

You can look at the Ingersoll "with Vanguard" parts manuals for some perspective here, but you have to get to an actual Vanguard engine manual to see the twin coil pack and diode wire arrangement.

Let me know if we can assist with some further information or parts.

Brian Hildreth
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Brian Hildreth
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