What is my-your tractor worth!

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What is my-your tractor worth!

Postby RAM50V8EFI » Thu Jul 08, 2010 10:49 am

The value of your tractor (or the one you are looking to buy) is subjective to many things. Location, time of year, demand, condition, model rarity, collectible and how common in the area. There is no set formula to determine value but a carefull assessment of condition from wear and tear and how well maintained is a big factor.

The age of the tractor will make some difference due to improvements over the years.

Things to look for are leaks, bent front axle (the right side is most common and easilly fixed) repairs to the transmission case (look under the rear end) Does the low and high range work. Engine condition (does it smoke, knock, rattle, hard to start etc.)

It is recomended that you havea fellow owner/member look at it with you or take lots of pics. and of course research, research, research!

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What is my-your tractor worth!



Re: What is my-your tractor worth!

Postby machinist » Mon Dec 10, 2012 9:23 am

I used eBay for a price reference, but these tractors have been getting more rare on there in the past couple years, it appears to me. The bigger tractor shows are also a place to look around and ask questions. One that was helpful to me was the annual White River Valley Antique Association show. http://www.wrvaa.org/ Several Case/Ingersolls show up there each year, and the owners are pretty knowledgeable. Probably some of them are on this board?
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